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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Nov 30, 2009 3:09pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: The early homosexual rights movement

Just in case you weren't aware, and have not done so, delete requests have to be sent to

That will take 2-3 days to be actioned, providing they have no backlog of requests, after the recent USA thanksgiving holiday.

But if you still have access to that book description editing page, get in now to the associated file manager and manually delete each file, they can all be deleted except for the 2 meta-data files. (tip from the IA, create new folder, drag and drop all files into it, then delete the folder, thats faster than deleting, then confirming the delete, file by file.)

I looked at the page, and read your paragraph regarding republishing rights, I have to admit, I would have made the same mistake as you. I am assuming the copyright owners objection related to that once it was on the IA, it would be out in the wild, and lots of people would ignore the copyright owners wishes that it not be redistributed for profit.

Earlier this year, I was emailed a PDF of a book by well known Dr Tony Attwood, a comprehensive text book about Asperigers Syndrome.

I decided it would be a good upload for the IA, the friend who sent it to me, saw no problem with it going onto the IA. At the time, I had some email contact with Dr Attwood's office about assessments, so I mentioned having the book, and asked if it was okay to go onto the Archive.

I was shocked to be told, it was fully protected, and on the market "In Print"

Admittedly, before I did upload it, I would have reviewed its copyright notice.

My point is, its easy to get caught out, certainly, there are lots of books being scanned and distributed illegally, and no doubt, because it is so easy with software, some books will be having their copyright notices removed, or modified.

If in doubt, its always safer to check first with authors and publishers.

And one day, people might even modify the contend of a book, to reflect their personal beliefs, or as part of a con/scam.

Go and read a copy of George Orwell's book "1984" about how Big Brother was always right, and his Ministry of Truth. Don't try the movie (I think there's at least 2 movies, one being on the IA) as only the book tells you how recent history was being constantly modified to fall in line with current affairs.

1984, never saw today's information technology coming, Big Brother would have a field day, today.

The book is still in copyright (? hey Gerry, what is the story there) and I have not see it on the IA, but its a classic, used as a study book in schools, most physical library have a copy, or can obtain a copy.


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Poster: garthus Date: Nov 30, 2009 4:35pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: The early homosexual rights movement


To my knowledge the copyright was never registered; but between 1963 and 1989 (march 1) all the author had to do was place a notice on the text. If he had not, then it would be public domain. Obviously he is not interested in distrbution of his ideas otherwise he would not so strenuously object. My feeelings are good riddance to anyone who thinks their ideas are so great that they need protection. Lets worry about the 95% of the items which are in public domain and which may be dissappearing as we speak.


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Poster: garthus Date: Nov 30, 2009 5:15pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: The early homosexual rights movement


I agree. You have put up some very good materials (at least I think so), unfortunately many people have axes to grind and like to only put up things which support their philosophical positions. I think that ultimately everything should go up; let all ideas compete in the world of information.